The Vendor Relationship Manager (VRM) specializes in maintaining our company’s relationships and reputation with the owners of foreign tech companies all over the world. He or She will be responsible for managing a group of highly skilled IT software engineers, scouting potential new business opportunities and vendor partnerships.

The successful VRM is an experienced college graduate with professional experience. VRM’s are US Citizens or have lived in the USA, UK, or Australia for more than 10 years and maintains a profound US business-grade command over the English language in both spoken and written formats.

Live the dream and let the world be your stage!


• Act as the direct point of contact overseas and escalation point for executive-level clients
• Bring an American feel and strong dependable consistency to the output of foreign teams
• Maintain complex and meaningful relationships with the owners / managers of foreign businesses
• Serve as client interface, vendor interface, and provide staff supervision with off-hours support
• Facilitate and coordinate complex kick-off meetings for new technology projects
• Support business development growth through fulfillment of overseas IT technology recruitment
• Supervise and oversee interesting technology projects and approve / manage staff timecards
• Scout new vendor relationships and help expand Windward Systems presence abroad!
• Engage in regulatory enforcement of Windward company policies and contractual agreements on location at various vendor facilities internationally
• Facilitate resource planning, allocation, screening and hiring of new professional IT candidates


• Higher Education – Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or Computer Science.
• Professional Experience – More than 5 years of professional and industry experience.
• IT Recruiting Experience – IT Recruiting / Software development experience strongly preferred
• Multi-Lingual – Preferred to be multi-lingual and have the ability to speak several languages clearly at a business level of fluency. Alternate language should match geographic placement.
• Autonomous-Work Ability – Proven record of initiative, independence, ability to recognize improvement opportunities and manage multiple tasks in a fast paced environment.
• Excellent Communication Skills – You should be able to command the attention of the room with concise descriptions for complex product topics, and when you’re done, you should have a clear strategy for engaging partners on the next steps of our relationship


• Seeking candidates with a highly developed sense for American culture and a heritage from either North or South India. VRM location will be specific to second-language spoken; Hindi, Tamil, or Telugu.