Windward specializes in finding globally sourced development teams that will meet all of your company’s needs. Our various locations around the world help us to diversify the types of teams we construct, specializing in anything from QA to Application development to BPO.

Although offshore IT staffing has become increasingly popular, it continues to have a bad reputation for being unreliable. At Windward, we’ve addressed these concerns, bridging the diversity gap with an expatriate in each one of our global locations.

We have recreated the way offshore IT staffing runs, so you can work faster, save resources, and remain confident throughout the process. Our unique approach to offshore IT staffing provides:

• Additional Personal Oversight
• Improved Communication
• Cultural Translation

We believe that a good defense is the best offense! In the digital world where software development projects drive businesses forward, stringent and precise Quality Assurance is the critical factor which will determine the success of every project.

Windward has had the privilege of working with US Military and Aerospace clients that have helped to shape our highly disciplined and standardized outlook on the QA practice. If your company employs a Validation and Verification (V&V) strategy, White-Box, Black-Box, Full Regression, or UAT Testing; we’ve got you covered.

Windward’s focus on IT staffing in the services sector is to remain current and comprehensive. Our offices across the globe allow us to access a diverse group of overseas IT talent that specialize in software development including:

• Application and Web Development
• Microsoft Development Suite
• Java
• Database
• Mobile


MS.NET Development
Windward offers Microsoft .NET application and web development expertise as part of our core competency. With the majority of our supply network consisting of Microsoft Certified Professionals and software engineers who maintain an MSDN background, we are well- equipped to qualify and deliver the very best talent.
Let us share with you some of the incredible work that we’ve done for clients on the .NET Platform.

Java / JEE for Enterprise
We’re proud to tell you that Windward has maintained a deep personal relationship with the Java Programming language and platform since the very first release in 1995.
Windward has constructed millions of lines of code and hundreds of very successful, highly visible, and powerful applications using Java. Whether it’s Embedded, JEE, Swing, Struts, Spring, Groovy, JNI, RMI, or Java 3D, Windward has the uncanny ability to screen Java programmers at a level rarely obtainable anywhere in the industry.

PHP / Open Source
Windward is a proud sponsor of the Global Open Source initiative and works with leaders in the community to promote further adoption of the powerful and royalty-free technology platforms. We recognize that it can be difficult to qualify candidates with Open Source skill sets, so we’ve partnered with experts from Zend, MySQL, Apache, and to implement comprehensive and consistent screening measures.

iOS / iPhone / iPad
Windward is deeply engaged in one of the hottest technology growth sectors in the world today, mobile application development for the Apple Platform. As the industry continue to evolve rapidly, our developers and testers stay up-to-date with the very latest from Silicon Valley.Take our technology for a test-drive! We would be delighted to share some of our many referenceable client projects and portfolio items.

Android / C++ Embedded
Windward has been on the forefront of mobile technology pioneering apps since the days of WAP, the inception of SMS, and of course the birth of Android. As part of our core competency, Android mobile application development works well as the logical pair to our Object-Oriented Software programming and Responsive Web Development expertise. We focus our attention on native Android SDK development and cutting-edge cross-platform tools like Appcelerator, Titanium, and Phonegap.